Stéphane Halmaï-Voisard

Lives and works in Lausanne, Switzerland

Teacher & Head of Industrial Design BA at ECAL

Co-founder at Terrazzo Project


Furniture collection with Terrazzo Project for Zurich's notorious Löwenbräukunst Contemporary Art Center, in collaboration with Philippe-Albert Lefebvre

The TP-Wheelers range consists of a table-bench, a bench, bins and plant pots each equipped with wheels for easy repositioning. Every piece is fitted with bespoke tutti-frutti slabs mounted on sturdy powder coated steel structures to best suit Löwenbräukunst's heavy-duty space requirements. The furniture's aesthetics is rooted in the building's crude geometrical looks, whilst the colourful terrazzo gives a touch of life to the very neutral grey and white public spaces.

Each piece is designed to be as versatile as possible: the table-benche can serve as a temporary coffee break seats or as a display for the various art publications showcased in the building entrance. Giant pots fill the space with green plants and offer a solution for those messy umbrellas in the entrance. The furniture is well suited for heavy use, indoors and outdoors.

Photography by Emile Barret